Design-Build Services & Commercial Construction Management
Jacksonville, FL

Every construction project involves several steps, and our team is involved in each one along the way. We communicate with our client from start to finish — from the initial development and design stages to actual construction to project completion. 

What is Construction Management & What Does a Commercial Contractor Do?

Construction management is a service that utilizes industry experience and project management techniques to oversee a construction project from beginning to end. This includes everything from the planning and prep to the design and actual construction. Construction management teams specialize in keeping the project on time, high-quality, and most importantly within budget. When you hire The Angelo Group to manage your construction project, you get the added benefit of our commercial contracting team. Our highly-experienced team of contractors are able to assist earlier in the project, and can cut costs and time by mitigating the need to look for qualified construction help. Read more about our individual services below!

Start-to-Finish Commercial Construction & Development Management

If you are undertaking a commercial construction project, you might want to consider someone to handle the oftentimes complicated go-between involved with each step of the process. The Angelo Group provide a suite of services to our clients, which include everything from development management to construction management and more. If you are in the Jacksonville area, contact us and learn more about what we can do for you!
Development Management
We get the project started by unifying the end-user of the product with the design and construction process. We assist our clients with site selection, project and site feasibility analysis, financing, conceptual budgets, space planning, and design.

Design-Build Services
We provide a single point of contact for design and construction, which allows for faster project delivery, a more integrated project team, and less risk to the project.

Construction Management
We allow the client to retain direct control over both the design and construction elements of the project, but at the same time, our construction team assists with the development of the design earlier in the project. As the design is developed, the construction manager reviews the design for pricing, quality, and safety and constructability assessments.

General Contracting
This is the traditional Design-Bid-Build delivery method. Even though we can provide the best price on bid day, the most valuable asset to us is our relationship with clients. We focus on the project’s goals while also maintaining the best value for our customers.

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Our clients always come first, and we will always go above and beyond for every project. To learn more about our services, contact us today.
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